Our Terrific Teachers

Sandy Rempe-Top Dog Teacher and Preschool Director

“It has been such a joy and blessing to teach preschool since 1997.  It is so wonderful to see what the preschoolers I used to teach are doing now,” said Mrs. Sandy, whose first class of preschoolers have already graduated from  universities around the country.  “Every year we work hard to get our preschoolers prepared for kindergarten. Over the years, we have received great feedback from local kindergarten teachers, administration and parents that our preschoolers are well prepared for kindergarten. They were not only emerging academically, but knew how to sit and listen to the teacher, had good manners, and could work cooperatively in a group. Also, by using a traditional teaching approach, our students usually had no problem adjusting to the traditional teaching they received in grade school.”

Sandy Rempe grew up in Wooster, Ohio and graduated from Triway High School in 1991. She continued her education at Wittenberg University and graduated with a major in education and a concentration (minor) in English/Literature in 1995. Mrs. Sandy then taught fourth and fifth grade at Hustead Elementary, just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio. She then worked as a youth director in Madeira, until becoming the teacher/administrator at a Friendship preschool in Wyoming, Ohio where she worked for 13 years.

Mrs. Sandy has coached the Wyoming Varsity Fastpitch Softball Team, been a member of JWC, taught step aerobics at the Wyoming Civic Center, and has been involved with Young Life Ministries for many years, with a focus on the Wyoming community. Mrs. Sandy was also involved with the Wyoming PSA for many years when her boys attended Elm school.  She has lived in Wyoming since 1996, has been married to Tom Rempe since the year 2000, and has twin boys, Abraham (Abe) and Calvin (Cal), who were born in 2006 and make frequent appearances as various characters at the preschool!  She also has a yellow lab named “Augie Dogie”, and a “Dock Diving Dock” named Chip. In her spare time, Mrs. Sandy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and writing.

Cindy Stegman-Office Manager, School Nurse, Principal, etc.  

Cindy has worked as office manager for A&HT Wyoming Preschool since 2009. As office manager, Cindy has a wide range of job requirements. She helps greet students in the morning, answers the office phone, helps pass out handouts, answers questions, helps with snack, functions as a school nurse, and has been known to substitute teach when needed. Cindy’s attention to detail keeps the whole staff on their toes, and keeps Sandy from making too many typos.

Cindy grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Finneytown High School. Soon, Cindy met and married Jim Stegman and got married at A&HT in 1981. Cindy attended Miami University and graduated with a degree in Systems Analysis. She followed this up by working downtown as a programmer for AT&T. Cindy soon decided it was time for a career change, and started in as full-time mom. She now is an empty- nester with four adult children.  Emily who is married and has two adorable children, Becky who is married to Blake, Jacob and Julie.

Cindy’s love for the preschool students and families, attention to detail, and caring personality is why A&HT has the best preschool office manager ever! Feel free to stop by Cindy’s office anytime you are in the building. She would love to talk with you!

Meghan Remington-Playful Bunny Teacher-(Two Year Olds)

Kristen Blade-Playful Bunny Teacher-(Two Year Olds)


Kim Hinkel-Top Dog Teacher-(Pre-Kindergarten Class)  

If anyone was meant to be a teacher, it is Mrs. Kim! Both of Mrs. Kim’s parents had been involved in education for numerous years, as well as her mother in law, who was a kindergarten teacher at Saint Bart’s for many years. Kim is on her fifth year of teaching preschoolers.  She also founded and runs our “Lunch with Mrs. Kim and Susan” program that is offered each Friday. Kim has lots of creative ideas that she uses in her classroom and has even been known to bring in Chicken soup with rice to go with the poem book by Maurice Sendak.

Mrs. Kim grew up in Finneytown, where she graduated in 1995. During her time at Finneytown, she enjoyed participating in many clubs and sports, including basketball. She went on to Ohio University and finished her Master’s at Xavier University. Mrs. Kim moved to Wyoming two years ago from Greenhills. She is married to Craig, and has three children: Kathleen, a 6th grader at the Wyoming Middle School, Carson, a 3rd grader, and Cooper, a second grader.  Both boys attend Vermont School.

Mrs. Kim is known for her kindness, creativeness, and amazing birthday parties! As three-year-old student Charlie Brennan put it, “Mrs. Kim is my best friend.”

Susan Reifenberger-Cool Cats Teacher (Three year olds)

Friday Enrichment Teacher and (Tuesday/Thursday Monring) Multi-age Assistant

“Mrs. Susan” is beginning her fifth year of teaching our Friday Enrichment class.  She also helps run the “Lunch with Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Susan” program and will be helping with the morning multi-age class this school year.    Mrs. Susan is an endless supply of creative ideas.  Her Friday literature based and themed classes are very popular with her students.  Mrs. Susan has also been daring enough to make paper-maiche dinosaur eggs with her class and has been known for her awesome outer space educational projects.

Mrs. Susan grew up in Finneytown and graduated in 1998. She then went on to attend the College of Wooster and study education. She had taught preschool previously at Hyde Park Methodist, until she decided to stay at home with her twin boys, Brock and Connor, who are now third graders at Finneytown Local Schools. Mrs. Susan is married to Eric Reifenberger, who is a full time firefighter. She also has a five-year-old son, Hudson, who will be in kindergarten this school year.

Besides Susan’s friendliness, and creative educational ideas, she possesses the talent to create any state shape out of a saltine cracker. Her Friday Enrichment students adore her, and eagerly await Fridays to see what wonderful activities she has in store for them!

Sarah Flagler-Cool Cats Teacher-(Three Year Olds)