Top Ten Best Things

The Top Ten Best Things about A&HT Wyoming Preschool

10.  The Science Guys-Two Julius Sumner Miller-esque personalities join us periodically to teach us Science.  Experiments include color mixing, sink and float, elephant toothpaste, and Diet Coke/Mentos.

9. Classes that build on each other– Playful bunnies (two & three year olds), Cool Cats (three and four year olds) and Top Dogs class (four and five year olds, each build an age appropriate foundation for loving, learning and living.  Top Dogs will be initiated into the class, receive their Top Dog ears, and become an official Top Dog!

8.  A balance of work and play-“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”-which is why we do a great job of mixing the two.

7. We, not me-Kyle Karate, a super hero in his own right, helps save letter people land from the nefarious Kaptain Kangaroo.  These run-on characters help us realize that life is not “all about me, but about we”, which ends in a letter people musical fit for the whole family.

6.  Traditional Teaching curriculum-based on the alphabet.  Teachers instruct a time tested curriculum, which includes learning How to Act.  Things like respect, kindness, teamwork, listening and How to “Stop, Think and Act”.  Students are encouraged to act like “Chip the Wonder Dog” and not to act like “Awful Augie”.  Dance, singing and clean up contests occur to help teach the preschool pals about being a good loser and a generous winner.

5. The Kindness Key-To encourage kindness, a preschool pal is picked each day to receive a kindness key for something kind he or she did that day.  The tricky part is that they cannot tell the teacher what they did, in order to receive something, but must do it out of the kindness of their heart.

4. Family Holiday parties/Preschool Pal Performances-Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas we gather as a preschool community to enjoy performances from our preschool pals.  We also join in food, fun and games!  The second half of the year we have in class parties:  Valentine’s Day and Easter, and field trips:  Fire Station, Library, Playgrounds, Butterfly show and Art Museum.

3.  The Letter People-Based on the time honored curriculum, the letter people have become a part of our preschool world.  A secret portal is located in our preschool closet, where the letter people join us after a secret knock and password, to teach us about their letter and sounds.  A coloring sheet, testing book and test are administered each week.  After learning the letter sounds, and putting them together, reading begins!

2.  Experienced Teaching Staff-Our preschool is filled with high quality, experienced teachers who truly enjoy planning teaching our preschool pals.  Not only that, but they posess strong character and great role models in school and out.

1. Love, Family and Relationships-Our preschool is MORE than a preschool.  It is a community  about living together in love, learning together and joining together as a preschool family.  We gather food and warm clothing items to donate.  We help each other out if a need arrises and we support each other during happy and sad time.  WE ARE FAMILY!