Valentine’s Day Class Lists

The following is some information for our Valentine’s day parties coming up on Thursday, February 14th.  You will need to remember three things:  Valentines, a Valentine collector box, and the item you signed up for to bring to the party.  We do have regular classes this day.  Please let me know if I have made any mistakes with the class lists.  Thanks!

For our Valentine’s day parties, we are asking for each Panda Bear student to bring in twelve valentines.  For these classes, we prefer if no “To” names are written on the valentines.  Instead, you may write “My Friend”, etc. and then have your child sign his, or her name.   For reference, here is a list of the who is in the class:  (12 students) Jaydn Fourie, Tait Geygan, Mac Lenning, Will Merkle, Cooper Metz, Hudson Reifenberger, Nolan Roth, Vera Rumke, Lance Weaver, Sami Wehby, Mary McClure Eagleston, and Claire Holdren.

For the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider classes, we would like for all of the students to write “To” names on the valentines.  The following is a list of the names of the students in each class.

The Very Hungry Caterpillars:  (24 students) Fletcher Barnes, Olive Barry, Elliot Bartel, Paxton Bartel, Charlie Brennan, Maggie Brennan, Ella Englehardt, Jackson Fisher, Drew Geygan, Audrey Heitfeld, Cooper Hinkel, Marty Jahnigen, Izzy Lenning, Abby Meiners, Cate Nugent, Alex Remington, Mikey Robbins, Mya Rudy, Nate Rudy, Fletcher Rumke, Emilia Sherwood, Miles Steininger, Darby Trush, and Jack Wehby.

The Very Busy Spiders:  (23 students)Elaine Bevington, Luke Bevington,  Patrick Cavanaugh, Mikey Calloway, Ani Dougherty,  Daniel Flagler, Maddox Fox, Will Gorentz, Audrey Hamel, Olivia Hill, Ella Hummel, Ian Hummel, Owen Kreimer, Anne Jolly, Evan Jolly, Jarred Klebanow, Chase Le, John Meis, David Rankar, Alexis Schierloh, Conner Sutton, Eoghan Vallely, and Dillion Weaver.