We are so excited to announce the end of a third year in a row, super-successful record breaking bike-a-thon with a total amount of $2,928.75 collected to go toward chairs, chairs, chairs!  (Last year’s record breaking number was $2,852.00)  We really, really appreciate your willingness to build into your child’s preschool, for this school year and years to come.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded by families who are kind and generous in every way!

After rapidly hitting our goal of  raising $2,000.00 to purchase new chairs, we saw the shipping price was going to be about $300.00.  Before we knew it, we had the money to cover the shipping.  Then, amazingly, we were blessed with a coupon for free shipping, which allowed us to start dreaming of purchasing new tables to go with the chairs!  Overall, we were able to purchase 40 new chairs, with any remaining “decent” chairs moving to the Friday Enrichment/music classrooms.  We also purchased 4 new tables for the M.A. classroom, which will fit six preschool pals per table.  We purchased two new larger tables for the 2 year old (Panda Bear Class) that can fit eight at each table.  Our total cost with free shipping and no tax ended up being $3, 423.82.  Any remaining bike-a-thon donations will go toward the $495.07 difference.  When the new chairs and tables arrive, we will have our signing party!

As we are beginning to look way ahead toward next year’s bike-a-thon, we are noticing that our kitchen sets in our dramatic play areas are looking pretty rough.  (The set in the M.A. room has been restored once by my dad, already.)  If anyone is interested in restoring the current kitchen set, finds a sturdy model, or likes to build these sort of things, please let us know!

Thank you all very much for your help and hard work to make this fund-raiser a great success!  A special thanks to the following students who really went above and beyond!

Top $$$ Raiser for the Entire School-Evelyn Blazer with $300.00!!!!

1st Place-Very Hungry Caterpillar Class-$1,432.75/$84.28 average per student-A New School Class Record!  

First place-Cooper Metz with $262.00

Second place-Lance Weaver with $212.00

Third place-Felix Barry with $158.75

2nd Place-Very Busy Spider Class-$1235.00/$53.70 average per student

First place-Evelynn Blazer with $300.00

Second place-Ani and Xander Dougherty with $202.50 each

3rd Place-Panda Bear Class-$261.00/$21.75 average per student-

First place-Rylan Hargis with $75.00

Second place-Ashton Evans, Sam Mecoli and Reid Remington with $50.00 each.

If you still are collecting bike-a-thon money, it is not too late to turn it in!

Thanks again for a super bike-a-thon!