Weekly Round-up-September 19th-23rd 2016

Monday, the 19th-Regular class schedule and Mary’s Music class starts today: 11:45-12:30.
Tuesday, the 20th-Regular class schedule and “If You Give A Dog A Donut” Day for VHC and VBS classes.  Thanks to Kellen and Ella for bringing in the doughnuts!

Thursday, the 22nd-Regular class schedule and Banjo & Chip visits for VHC and VBS classes!

Friday, the 23rd-8:45 a.m. – Staff meeting, Regular class schedule, Friday Enrichment please bring a picture that starts with the letter D and Please wear GREEN and bring something GREEN to school today Mixed-up Chameleons!

Preschool Office News: Please note Sandy will  be bringing her dogs, Chip & Augie to school next Thursday to the VHC & VBS classes. Please let Sandy know if you do not want your child to be around the dog.  Also, if you haven’t done so already, please turn in your child’s yearly medical form and tuition.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation class) – Things are continuing to go well for the MUC class!  They have been doing a great job during group learning time so I have been able to add in a lot of extra learning items.  We have been learning a lot about working with a partner during centers.  It is hard for a lot of the preschool pals to lead and/or follow, to work together, compromise, etc.  Lots of learning lessons today!

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News: “C’ is for cat! This week we learned all about the letter “C”! We read four Pete the Cat books, met Xander’s cat, Tibet, and Brody and Bryce’s cat Leo.  We also read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” and enjoyed cookies from Alexandra and Levi!

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News: The two’s class had another exciting week. Our new letter was B. We had a visit from a Ballerina puppet who told the class all about B and the B sound. We also found out what was inside our B mystery box – a ball! Then we sang the ABC song. During art we glued buttons on the letter B, had fun with Band-Aids, and played with play dough.  We also continued with our same songs and felt board stories. As the year progresses, you will notice that we do the same songs, finger plays, and felt board stories for about 2 to 3 weeks. At this age, the children really enjoy the repetition. They are excited when they know what is coming next in the story. By the end of the unit, many of the children are actively participating in the stories.  Have a fabulous weekend. We are looking forward to another week of preschool fun!

Friday Enrichment News: The kids have really enjoyed getting to know one another and our daily routine. “Cupcake” and “Little Cloud” were our books.  They had a great time making their own cupcakes.  The letter this week will be D. Again, please have your child bring in a picture that starts with D to share during group time. We will also be reading books with characters starting with the lette D such as “The Dot”, “When Dinosaurs Came With Everything”, and “Annie the Doughnut”.  This week the children will be re-introduced to the green, yellow, orange and red card reminders in the Friday room. This is the same system they use in the multi-age class. We are also working on mastering our name recognition.