Weekly Round-up-August 24th-August 28th 2020

MONDAY-Regular Classes

TUESDAY-Regular Classes

THURSDAY-Regular Classes

FRIDAY-Regular Classes and TOP DOGS CLASS Wear Red/”REDS” and bring something red.

OFFICE NEWS-Thank you all for turning in state forms and tuition payments!  If you haven’t turned them in yet, please send them in as soon as possible, or let us know about your delay.  🙂  Thanks again!  Also, please sign up for remind if you haven’t already done so.  

TOP DOGS-The Top Dogs are off to a wonderful start!  We have had a busy week.  We start the day with thirty minutes of “homeroom”.  Then, we move over to the rainbow rug, where we have been working on “preschool basics” and learning our “school rules”.  We heard the story about Letter People Land and Mr. M Munching Mouth.  We played outside and in the muscle room, did an overview of letters and colors,  ate lunch, did art and learning centers.  We end our day with a stamp and a hug.    Next week we will be fully introducing the letter “A” with the letter people and Miss “A” who has bad allergies.  She says “a-a-a-chooooo”.  Stay tuned! 🙂

The biggest announcement from the Cool Cats is that we have a name change.  We are now the Cool Cats and Kittens! Due to the small number of two year olds attending this year, we have decided to combine the classes to create the Cats and Kittens.  This change ensures that all of our preschool pals have a chance to meet new friends.  With three teachers working with the Cool Cats and Kittens, we will be able to offer more individual and small group instruction based on the needs of each student. 

This week we spent a lot of time learning the preschool routine.  The Cool Cats and Kittens are doing a great job learning where to hang up back packs, clean up toys, and follow simple steps to complete a task.  We read books about going to preschool, painted cool cats and learned some fun new songs.  You may start hearing the Cool Cats and Kittens Song and a washing hands song. 

Cool Cats and Kittens News

The Cool Cats are GREAT with wearing masks! We take a couple of mask breaks during the day and anyone can take their own mask break anytime. We did a fun activity showing faces with masks on. The Cats and Kittens had to guess the emotion under the mask.  Its amazing how much emotion can be seen in eyes and eyebrows!  We thank all the parents and family members for their patience as we work through arrival and dismissal.  We all are learning a new routine this year.  We can’t wait for another fun week with the Cool Cats and Kittens.