Weekly Round-up September 14th-18th 2020

Monday-Regular Class Schedule

Tuesday-Regular Class Schedule and Top Dogs Homework Due

Thursday-Regular Class Schedule

Friday-Regular Class Schedule and Top Dogs wear and bring something Green today.

Top Dogs News-This week, was all about yellow!  Because of the holiday last week, we ended up wrapping up Mr. B, Beautiful Buttons this week.  We also introduced Mr. “C”,   Cotton Candy,  who made it back from the County Fair with some delicious Cotton Candy!   We will continue “C” next week!  We will also kick off the color green.  We will keep reading Pete the Cat books and books about Cookies.  Don’t be surprised if you hear “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” !

Cool Cats and Kittens News: What a special week!  Mrs. Emily had two Monarch butterflies hatch in her back yard.  She got to take photos and record the hatching and share those with the class.  We loved watching the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, unfold their wings and eventually fly. We are so lucky this happened during C week! We talked a lot about the words caterpillar, cocoon, and chrysalis.   We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the stages of a butterfly. We also read a funny book about a cow who laid an egg.  During art we painted a picture of a car using toy cars.  It was fun to see how different cars made different tracks of paint.  We also made our own hungry caterpillar.  During our center time, we used a felt board to retell the hungry caterpillar story.  We played a matching game with plastic bugs and worked on counting. We also celebrated our first Cool Cat birthday.  Johnson is officially four years old!  On Friday, we got to hunt for Letter C cards hidden in the classroom, and we got to see a real chrysalis after the butterfly had emerged.  Have a great weekend!