Weekly Round-up November 8th-12th

Monday-Regular Classes-Food Collecting Begins!

Tuesday-Regular Classes

Thursday-Regular Classes

Friday-Regular Classes and Triangle day for the Top Dogs class

Top Dogs News:  I is for Incredible Inventor!  This week we learned all about the letter I.  When we see Miss “I’ by herself, we know she says her name, just like when we see Miss “A” by herself.  That means, we all already know how to read two words.  Most of the time, when we see Miss “I” in a word, we know she make the short “i” sound.  Miss I had a horrible itch so she invented a back scratcher.  We even scractched each other’s back to the song, “Scratch, Scratch, Me Back” by Harry Belafonte.  Miss I also escaped and took many pieces of “music technology inventions” from our classroom.  We had to put them in order:  Bell, record, cassette tape, CD and i-phone.  Too bad we couldn’t find an 8-track!  We also talked about how a lot of listen to music on our Alexa’s now. 🙂  It’s Incredible how inventions pop up every day!

Cool Cats News- The Cool Cats had a short week and did a short focus on Seasons.   The fall foliage is at its peak so we sang a song about green, red, yellow, red and brown leaves.  We read books about leaves changing and the way we tell when the seasons are changing.  We also reminded the kids how much fun it is to jump into leaf piles and make leaf forts.  Friday was fun with the Parachute day!


Playful Bunnies News-The Bunnies came back from their fall break ready for fun! They were so excited to be back together again.  They had a great time playing in the kitchen with their baby dolls, building blocks and tracks on the train table and playing with the Little People house.  They learned about the letter I this week and practiced counting to 5. They made an ice cream cone craft that focused on number recognition and order of numbers.  They had a great time making ice cream cones on the felt board while they practiced color recognition. Two days this week but lots of learning!