Kindergarten Readiness

Hello Preschool Parents,

Preschool registration for next school year has already begun.  Registration for kindergarten is just around the corner.

If your child is 5 before September 30th, 2023, he or she is eligible to attend kindergarten in Wyoming Schools.  The questions of readiness is another story.  Each child, family and family situation are different, which plays into the decision of when to start kindergarten.  If your child turns 5 between May and September, the following are a few items to think about when considering Kindergarten Readiness.

  1.  Younger students may develop academic and social skills later than the older students in their class.
  2. Most parents, in the Wyoming Schools District, wait to send their children the following year for kindergarten if their birthdays fall during this time.  Follow up with your child’s district to see what is typically done.
  3. Most parents of boys will wait if a birthday is during this time.
  4. Some parents wait to give their child another year of “childhood” before starting the rigors of their schooling career.
  5. A child who waits usually has a distinct advantage.  Being older, more confident, and potentially bigger, gives them an advantage over the younger kids.
  6. If you plan on having your child play sports.
  7. Is your child a leader, or a follower?  Will he or she be able to stick to their morals, or be easily swayed by those around them?
  8. What do you want their High School days to look like?  Driving first of last in their grade?  Scholarships? Dating life?
  9. How old would you like them to be when they attend college?  Younger or Older?
  10. Keep in mind both social skills and academic skills.  Would attending another year of preschool benefit my child in either of these areas?

As always, please reach out to your teachers to answer any questions your preschooler’s kindergarten readiness.