Summer Fun Activity

We would love to hear about all the adventures our preschool pals have had over the summer!  Grab a piece of paper, construction paper, poster board, or whatever you have handy, and have your preschool pal, draw, tape, glue, etc. pictures of what they did over the summer.  We will have them share these with their teachers and classes to the best of their ability and then we will hang them up.  Please remember these are no big deal and do not need to be anything fancy.  Some preschool pals love to sit and draw/color for hours and some do not.  Feel free to use stickers, markers, etc. for decorating, and don’t forget those pictures of summer memories!  We would love to have all the summer fun activities turned in by the end of August.  We will eventually return these to you, so keep in mind they may be going into your preschool pal’s scrapbook in the long run.  Have Fun!