Top Dogs-School Rules

Just a highlight of what we are doing for our “School Rules” this year.

We want to be like “Chip the Wonder Dog” and not like “Awful Augie Dogie” who we love but tends to make bad choices.  (Notice the mud all over Augie Dogie.)

We will be following the “HOW I ACT” chart.

Each preschool Pal has a “Dog” with his or her name on it.  They each have a tennis ball and a dog bone.  If they choose to make a poor decision, they will lose a bone.  That is a reminder to make good choices.  If they make another poor choice, they will lose their tennis ball.  We will explain we still love them, but not the choice they made. They will sitll get a hug, but not a stamp on their hand at the end of the day because we do not reward bad behavior.  If they are really having a bad day, and make a third bad decision, they will have their dog moved into the dog house at the bottom of the chart and get a time out.  If this happens, we will talk to you about what is going on in the classroom as far as behavior is concerned.