Top Dogs and The Letter People!

We start our letter people time on the rainbow rug by singing our “ABC” song.  We then remember what letter we are working on.  For example, this is what it looks like when we are working on the letter “B”.  We work on recognizing an uppercase “B” and a lowercase “b”.  We go over what sound a “B” makes.  We look a two picture cards, “balloon” and “butterfly” and sing “balloon starts with b, balloon starts with b, b,b,b, b, b, b, balloon starts with b,” to help us hear the sound.  We then make a chart with the letter “B” in the middle.  We brainstorm all the words we can think of that begin with the letter “B”.  Sometimes, we will read a book about the letter of the week.  This week we read the “B” book.  Next, we head over to the tables to see if a letter will come out of the closet that holds the secret invisible portal that goes to letter people land!

Monday-We do our secret knock on the door to letter people land and then we yell, “Hey letter people!  Will someone, (or the letter B,) come out and play today!” We open the door and hopefully, there is a letter person there!  When the letter person arrives, he sings a song and then we do a coloring sheet introducing the letter.

Tuesday-After the letter person comes, out he usually has something with him that starts with a b, like buttons to hand to the class.  We then do the first half of the skills assessment book as a group.

Thursday-After the letter person comes out, he usually has something for the class to eat that starts with his letter, like blueberries.  We try to make sure to teach to all the senses.  We then finish the assessment book as a group.

Friday-Our letter person comes out again, with something. This time it was a bubble machine for a bubble battle!  We also review all the b things that Mr. B, Beautiful buttons brought us throughout the week.   We then work through this assement booklet together as a class.

During center time, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Sandy work with us individually on this assessment booklet to make sure we are retaining the information we were presented during the week.  The “tests” go home weekly to let you know if your child is having a hard time with a letter.