Weekly Round-up March 18th-March 22nd, 2024

Monday-Regular Classes

Tuesday-Regular Classes

Thursday-Regular Classes

Friday-Regular Classes and Top Dogs-Bring an umbrella today!

Bike-a-thon Action Pictures-

Playful Bunnies Class News:  U is for umbrella! This week the bunnies had fun learning about the letter U, colors, and number recognition. The bunnies had a lot of fun shopping in our playroom for toys and food. We also did a mini unit on dinosaurs. During craft we colored an umbrella with markers and made it “rain” on our umbrellas. We also watercolor painted and played with dinosaurs in play dough. During circle time we practiced number recognition to 5, one on one correspondence, and more and less. We also sang a fun rain song and dinosaur song. What a fun week!

Cool Cats Class News: Happy 4th Birthday Leo! Thanks for bringing in sprinkle donuts for the class. They were delicious!  🍩   What a fun week we had learning about the letter ‘V’, riding our hearts out for the Bike-a-thon, celebrating Leo’s birthday, and finding Leprechaun coins on the playground.  We read books and made crafts that start with the letter V- volcanos, and vases.  We also snuck in the ‘ Creepy Carrots’ book for vegetables.  The kids made their own Creepy Carrots to hang in our classroom along with their Creepy Underwear.  🩲🥕
Being a Cool Cat (and Cool Cat teacher) can be really fun!!!!

Top Dogs Class News: This week we met Mr. T, Tall teeth.  He brought us a toothbrushes, toothpaste and tops.  He brought his transporter that carried him to different countries including, India, France, Sweden, Japan, China and Nigeria.  He brought us dress up clothes that represented each.  Mr. T made to Ireland, where he talked to the king of leprechauns, Lucky and got us a bunch of goodies for our Saint Patrick’s day scavenger hunt!