Our Terrific Teachers

Sandy Rempe-Preschool Director

“It has been such a joy and blessing to teach preschool since 1997. Every year we work hard to get our preschoolers prepared for kindergarten. Over the years, we have received great feedback from local kindergarten teachers, administration and parents that our preschoolers are well prepared for kindergarten. They were not only emerging academically, but knew how to sit and listen to the teacher, had good manners, and could work cooperatively in a group. Also, by using a traditional teaching approach, our students usually had no problem adjusting to the traditional teaching they received in grade school.”


Sandy Rempe and Kim Hinkel-Top Dog’s Teachers/Kindergarten Readiness Class


All About Teacher Sandy:

Favorite Children’s Book-“Wacky Wednesday” by Theo LeSieg

Family-Married Tom Rempe in 2000 and have two boys, Abe and Cal Rempe, born in 2006.

Education-Graduated from Triway High School in 1991 and Wittenberg University in 1995.

Hometown-Wooster, Ohio.

Pets-Chip the Wonder Dog- a chocolate lab and Awful Augie-a yellow lab.

Secret Talent-Writing

Favorite subject in school – English Literature, Psychology, Sociology and Political Science.

Favorite sports-Fast-pitch softball, Ohio State Football and Basketball; Cleveland Guardians Baseball.

Favorite foods – Pizza, Salad, Prosecco and Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Favorite activity- Reading

Favorite colors– Green & Red

Favorite genre of books- Mystery, History and Psychological Thrillers.

Best Part of Working at a Preschool-Being able to make a positive difference in the lives of the preschoolers and their families.

All About Mrs. Kim:

Favorite Children’s Book –  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

Family – Married Craig Hinkel in 2002 and have one daughter and two sons:  Kathleen (04), Carson (06), and Cooper (08).

Education – Graduated from Finneytown High School in 1995 and Ohio University in 1999. Also completed the course work for the MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Xavier University

Hometown – Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pets – Sully, a Double Doodle and Leo, Mini Golden Doodle

Cindy Stegman-Office Manager, School Nurse, Principal, etc.

All About Mrs. Cindy: 

Favorite Children’s Book – “The Squirrel Twins” by Helen Wing

Family – Married Jim in 1981 and have four adult children (Emily born in 1985, Becky born in 1987, Jacob born in  1989, Julie born in 1993) and 3 grandchildren (John, Luke & Chloe)

Education – I graduated from Finneytown high school in 1979 and I graduated from Miami University in 1983.

Hometown- Cincinnati

Pets – One dog named Dolly

Secret Talent-Basket Weaving

Best Part of Working at a Preschool-I love being around children and watching them light up with new ideas.  I also just love to hear the children’s colorful and funny response to simple questions.

Favorite teacher – Mr. Weber in 5th grade. He gave me the confidence to accept a difficult role in our class play.

Favorite animals- Ducks and moose

Favorite subject in school – I loved math because it is so clear cut. The problem is either right or wrong. No room for gray areas.

Favorite sport – Gymnastics

Favorite foods – Pasta, seafood, avocados, and blueberries

Favorite activity- Spending time with my family and grandkids; watching the ducks on our lake.

Favorite exercise– yoga

Favorite colors – orange and yellow

Wished for super hero talent-Elast-i-girl powers, but flying would be great too.

Favorite genre of books- Fiction, historical fiction

Susan Reifenberger and Kelly Fisher-Cool Cats Teachers (Three & Four year olds)

All About Mrs. Kelly:

Favorite Children’s Book-The Teddy Bears’ Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy
Family-Married to Rob Fischer in 1996 and have three children, Jack (1999), Hayden (2001), and Kathryn (2005)
Education-Wyoming High School graduate 1988, Miami University graduate 1992
Hometown-Wyoming, Ohio
Pets-Two puffballs, Emmy Lou (Havanese) and Beaux Burreaux (Shih Tzu/Poodle mix)
Favorite Sports to Cheer for-Cincinnati Bengals, University of Cincinnati Football and Basketball, Miami University Hockey
Favorite Exercise or Sports to Play– Golf, Pilates, and walking the dogs
Favorite Animal-Wolves, especially the ones reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park
Favorite Subjects in School-Social Studies, History, Government
Favorite Foods-Pizza, Steak and Twice Baked Potatoes from Humbert’s, and Brownie Sundaes.
Favorite Activity-Catching up with friends, making new friends, and traveling to new places
Favorite Color-Pink
Favorite Genre of Books-Historical Fiction
Best Part of Working at Preschool-Making new preschool friends, participating in preschoolers love and wonder in learning new things, helping preschoolers gain confidence in their learning abilities.


All About Mrs. Susan:

Favorite Children’s Book-“Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney

Family-Married to Eric with three sons, twins Brock and Connor, and a younger son, Hudson.

Education-Graduated from Finneytown High School in 1998 and went on to study education at the College of Wooster.


Pets-A very vocal dog named Bridget

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Moore in 1st grade. She helped me open up more since I was a very shy child.

Favorite animal: cow

Favorite subject in school: Math because it is so clear cut. The problem is either right or wrong. No room for gray areas.

Favorite Sport-football

Favorite Food-Anything Italian, cheese and a good pineapple

Favorite Activity-Relaxing outdoors

Favorite Exercise-Walking

Favorite Color(s)-Green and Blue

Secret Talent-making all the U.S. states out of saltine crackers

Desired Super Hero Talent-The ability to time travel. Then I can always go back and re-live great memories.

Favorite Genre of Books-Mystery and History

Best thing about teaching preschool: Everyday is different. You can have a set schedule but always have to be ready for the unexpected. I also love watching the kids grow academically throughout the year. Nothing is better than seeing their excitement when they finally understand something.


Emily Stall and Sara Hentschel-Playful Bunnies Teachers (2/3 year olds)

All About Mrs. Emily:  

Favorite Children’s Book-“The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown
Family-Married to Matt Stall – Dec of 1996 – two kids, Eleanor (born in 2001) and Walter (born in 2003)
Education-Graduated Greenville High School in 1991 and Miami University in 1995.
Home Town-Greenville, Ohio
Pets- 3 cats (Finn, Oliver, and Otis) and one painted turtle (Tang)
Favorite teacher – Miss McCarthy (4th grade) because she read to us from a chapter book every day after recess, even though we were big kids – and she even read a book from one of my favorite mystery series – “The Three Investigators”.
Favorite exercise or sports to play – tennis, pickleball, pilates, and walking
Favorite food – peanut butter, which explains my special talent. I can get every last bit of peanut butter out of a jar. When my kids think they need to open a new jar, I can still use that one for weeks.
Favorite activities – taking walks, especially in parks or nature, and reading. I read lots of different genres of fiction, but have always loved mysteries.



All About Mrs. Sara:

Favorite Children’s Books- Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae and Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Family-Married Jason Hentschel in 2008 and have two kids: Emma born in 2012 and Marty born in 2017.

Education-Graduated from First Baptist Academy, Dallas in 2000 and have a BS in Early Childhood Education from Baylor University in 2004.

Hometown-Dallas, Texas

Pets- 3 cats: Treasure, Boyd, and Peaches

Favorite Animal– Giraffe

Favorite subject in school – Children’s Literature

Favorite foods/drink- Steak, fried okra, Reese’s, and Dr. Pepper

Favorite activity- Reading and taking walks/hikes with the family.

Favorite color– Purple

Favorite genre of books– Historical fiction and Mystery

Favorite thing about teaching– Being able to be apart of children’s growth throughout the school year. It really is amazing how much they learn and grow!


Suzanne Kirby-Lunch Bunch/Extra Care

All About Mrs. Suzanne

Favorite Children’s book: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin, James Dean and Kimberly Dean
Family-Married to Sean Kirby (2008).  We have two daughters – Caitlin and Chelsea
Education-Graduated from Seton High School (2002), Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Xavier University (2006), Master of Health Education and Promotion from Kent State University (2009)
Hometown- Cincinnati, Ohio.
Pets- We have a basset hound named Jojo.
Secret Talent- dancing
Favorite subject in school – Health
Favorite sports: To play – skiing, dancing, running, lifting.  To watch – football and soccer
Favorite foods – French fries, ice cream, cooked vegetables
Favorite activity- Exercising, decorating, reading
Favorite color- green and pink
Favorite genre of books- mystery, fantasy, coming of age, non-fiction
Best Part of Working at a Preschool- Encouraging kids to be their best and always be curious