Summer Camp-Day 3

Today the rain took a nice break and let us get outside to do our “person in a bubble” experiment.  We mixed glycerin, Dawn soap, and water in a small kids pool.  We then placed a small stool in the middle and added a hula-hoop.  All the campers who were interested were able to stand on the stool while the camp helpers pulled up the hula-hoop to form a giant bubble!  During learning time, we read the book Five Green and Speckled Frogs and then used frog stick puppets to reenact the story.  We also read Five Little Monkeys and acted out the rhyme as a group.  We ended with the story I Can Teach My Dog 100 Words and participated in the song “BINGO”.  During learning centers, we painted watercolor pictures and sculpted with strawberry Kool-aid play dough.  The campers all did a great job today following directions, interacting with the other campers, and were very interested in learning new concepts.  🙂