Water Balloons

What could be more fun on a slow, hot, summer day than water balloons?  At our end of the year preschool county fair, we have periodically had a water balloon toss.  The years we did not have the water balloons, we actually had many students ask where they were.   You can purchase water balloons almost anywhere.  I found a nice “kit” at Wal-Mart, that had 500 balloons, and a nozzle that you could attach to your hose that had a flip switch to help with the stream of water.  This made it a lot easier to fill the balloons.  When I am making the balloons, I usually get a big plastic tub, cooler, or clothes basket to put them in.  I also try to fill the balloons when my kids are busy with something else, (nap time also works), or I am not able to keep up with their demand for water balloons.  (Please note that when I am filling the balloons, I usually get pretty wet myself.) I usually fill my tub and cover it until I am ready to use.  I also try to keep the water balloons a secret, so it is a BIG surprise when I unveil the tub of balloons.  Just keep in mind that the water balloons go a lot faster than it takes to fill them up, so you may want to have a sprinkler ready to go after the toss to stretch out the activity.  You can have the kids toss the balloons to each other, or throw them at a target.  Make sure to pick out the target so it doesn’t end up being you, (unless you want it to be), the house, or the neighbors house!  Also, it may be a good idea to have your kids change into swim suits for the water balloon event.