Missing a Snack Day

If your child is scheduled to be the special helper, there is a great chance he or she will be sick that day.  It has happened so frequently over the past fifteen years, that we now refer to it as the “Curse of the special helper”.  If your child is sick on the day they are scheduled to bring snack, you have a few options.  First, just stay at home and let us use our emergency snack supply.  Throughout the year, we keep a snack ready to go at all times just for times like this.  Second, if you already have enough food prepared for twenty kids, and do not know how you are going to be able to use it up, you could call another parent to see if they could switch days with you.  You would provide the snack letting their child be special helper, and then when their special helper day rolled around, they would provide the snack and your child would be special helper.  Third, you can call the office and one of the teachers could run out to your car and gather the snack.

If you are planning on going out of town, and realize you will miss a scheduled snack day, we ask you to trade days with another parent, and let Cindy know in the preschool office.  If you simply forget it is your day to be the special helper, you can go home, or run to the store and bring back a snack before we eat.  If you do not have time to do that on that day, you may choose just to replace the emergency snack we used.  Usually a good replacement is pepperoni, cheese sticks, and applesauce cups.  (Please note if you choose to send in applesauce cups, we do have spoons to provide for the class, so you do not need to send them in.)