Weekly Round-up-October 1-5

Monday, the 1st

  • Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 2nd

  • Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 4th

  • Regular class schedule

Friday, the 5th

  • 8:45 a.m. – Staff meeting
  • 9:00 a.m.-Sandy meets with Wyoming Schools Elementary Administration
  • 10:15 a.m. – Father Eric visits
  • 11:00 a.m. – Sandy returns
  • Regular class schedule
  • Please wear Brown and bring something Brown to school today Mixed-up Chameleons!

Preschool Office News:  (Mrs. Cindy)- Attention wine drinkers!   Carrie Metz, Cooper’s mom, is collecting wine corks for a special project.  If you have any wine corks, please drop them by the preschool office for the collection.

Also, the church secretary is in England for the next two weeks.  If you call in, please give your name and phone number to the office volunteer before they attempt to transfer your call to the preschool office.  The office volunteers have been accidently hanging up on parents.  Sorry if it has already happened to you!

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Pre-K)- (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy)- Today, a lot of the students enjoyed the new items out during learning centers that were themed around fire safety.  We worked on learning our friends’ names and recognizing our friends.  We had a mini-lesson about the color green, which involved singing our green song, participating in the music and movement song “Colors” by Hap Palmer, showing our green items, reading a book about the color green, making a green collage, and adding another page to our “All About Me” book.  For calendar activities we read the poem “September” from Chicken Soup With Rice   by Maurice Sendak, sang our “Seven Days of the Week” song, and counted the days in September.  For the letter “D”, we read Dinofours, It’s Time-out time by Steve Metzger and Time for School, Little Dinosaur by Gail Gibbons.  We continued learning the pledge of allegiance, our planets, and about our world.  We also dove into to the ocean and reviewed and wrapped up our study on ocean and sea life, even though Trey, Timmy, and Mother Teresa will stick around for a while.  At home:  Keep practicing writing, letter recognition, and cutting with scissors.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy)- This week we learned a lot about the letter “D”.  We sang “Dive Deep Down in the Ocean, dive deep down in the sea, dive deep down in the ocean, let’s see what we can see.” –(tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) During our dives, we spied sea animals, learned 3 facts about each one, and read a books about ocean animals.  Trey got a brother named Timmy, and their giant sea turtle mother, Theresa, visited school.  Banjo, my black lab, visited and we talked about animal safety, how to take care of a dog, and had her do tricks for goldfish crackers.  We learned about the color green and recognized lettuce, a Granny Smith apple, broccoli, and a green pepper as all being green.  We talked about 3, the magic number, and learned about a right triangle.  Next week will be starting painting at the easel during learning centers.  We will have about five students paint daily, and will rotate through all the students, so everyone will have a chance to paint, about once a week.  Also, this means there will be a higher percentage of students having the opportunity to get messy, so remember to send them to school in clothes that weren’t hand knit by grandma, unless you don’t like the outfit. 🙂

At home:  Keep working on writing and using scissors.

Friday Enrichment News-(Mrs. Susan)-(9:15-11:45)  Our dive into the ocean is over and we have made it out unharmed!  We finished our unit by filling our beach pails with all of our incredible beach finds.  Next week we will talk all about fire safety.  The letter will be E.  The children have enjoyed sharing their letter of the week item, please continue this each week following the letter of the week.  Again, each Friday the children are improving on their listening skills and recognizing their names.  When everyone has mastered that, we will start to spell our names.

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  (Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Kim)-

Today was the end of our September unit.  Next Monday we will start a two week unit on Fire Fighters.  Then the rest of October will be spent on Halloween fun.  Our circle time and art projects will revolve around these themes.  The kids have been doing such a great job at circle time.  Their ability to sit still and stay focused is really amazing for this early in the year. See you on Monday!