Fiesta Friday Update for Mixed-Up Chameleons

Viva la Fiesta!  We are super excited for our Friday fiesta and it is only possible because we have had so many parents volunteer to help!  So a BIG thanks to the following people for their help with this event:

Teresa Le, Chase’s mom made, (yes, made!) a pinata shaped like a giant F!  (Yes, a pinata shaped like a giant F!)  We are excited to fill it with the fruit snacks from the Bartel family and the fruit by the foot donated by Denise Discepoli, Charlie and Maggie Brennan’s grandma.  Marcie Englehardt, Ella’s mom, is providing the snack, and Raquel Bevington, Luke and Elaine’s mom,  will be coming to visit the class and talk about her Mayan heritage.  The Flagler’s gave us some Spanish vocabulary cards to throw in the mix, and Brandi Weaver, Dillon and Lance’s mom, will be providing a nice sombrero so we can perform a Mexican hat dance.  We are still taking donations of fun size candies for the pinata, and are happy to hear any other ideas you may have to make our Friday Fiesta Fantastic!