Registration Update for 2013-2014

Believe me, I know it is crazy to think about preschool registration for the 2013-2014 preschool year when it seems we have just started this school year!  It has that feel of the local stores having  Christmas decorations out before Halloween is even here!  That being said, in order to do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs the best that we can, we like to start early.

We want you to stay in the A&HT Wyoming Preschool Family! 

We truly find it a privilege to have the chance to get to know you, your child, and your families.  We really desire that you have found your experience at Wyoming preschool to be a great one.  We really hope to get to continue to serve your needs for another school year.

Morning spots

Our hearts desire is to have every family stay with us for another school year, and to be able to enroll in the class that they desire.    As explained at the parent orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year, we will be able to promise everyone already enrolled in the preschool a spot for the next school year, but that doesn’t mean a spot in the class they desire.  For example, historically, all years except two, most families seem to prefer morning classes.  This leaves us with the obstacle of not having enough spots to accommodate all of the morning requests.  Therefore, to help us be as fair and just as possible in filling our morning spots, we have established a priority process, listed at the bottom of this page.

Please try an afternoon spot! 

That being said, we would like to encourage families that could possibly make afternoons work for them, to sign up for the afternoon class, in order to leave spots for families who truly need a morning slot.  Over the years, it seems like for some reason parents really have a hard time thinking about the possibility of afternoon preschool, but when someone does switch, they usually find that they like it a lot more than expected.  Please also note that you do get a small price break by attending the afternoon class.  Also, please keep in mind, if your child currently naps, there is a good chance that he, or she will not be napping next school year.   If there is a sibling who naps, try to look into a car pool arrangement, where you can do the drop off, and someone else could do the pick-up.  When Abe and Cal, my boys, were in the afternoon class, we had a rest time after school, which was perfect for me to get dinner started.

The Registration Process

Through the next few weeks,  I will be working through the priority list to register families in order; to fill class spaces accordingly.  For example, I will be talking to families who will be having a child enrolled in the two’s and the multi-age class at the same time first, having them make a decision, and then moving on through the list.  Be on the look out for e-mail updates for when it will be your turn to register.

Thank You-

Thanks in advance for your help, support, understanding and flexibility throughout this upcoming registration process.

Tuition has been raised slightly in order to provide our staff with a small wage increase.  Please note that we are a non-profit preschool and all monies acquired are directly invested into the preschool. Please note that registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstance.  We use these fees to buy supplies for the classrooms.

We really hope our registration procedure will be fair and beneficial to all involved.  We truly value all of our Wyoming preschool families, and hope you will back for another fun-filled year!

Morning and Afternoon spots will be decided using the following : 

Priority Process

 1. Students who will have a sibling enrolled in the multi-age class and the two year old class for the upcoming school year.

2. Students who are currently in the multi-age class who would like to have the same time spot for the following school year.

3.  Siblings of graduating students who would like the same time spot of the graduate.

4.  Students enrolled in the two-year-old program.

5.  Students currently enrolled in the multi-age class who would like to change classes.

6.  Siblings of alumni

7.  Waiting list students

8.  Community


1. Priority may be overridden in order to provide a balance of ages and genders.

2. Priority may be overridden in order to split up combinations of children who would hinder the learning process of themselves and of others.