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The week after Thanksgiving, (November 26-30th), we will be starting our letter “K” week and will be talking a lot about kindness, friends, (preschool pals), and families.  We are looking for help with the following  learning activities:

  1. We are looking for a mom, dad, brother/sister, and grandparent to come visit each class and talk to the students about their role in the family, with an emphasis on how their role strengthens/shows kindness to the other family members.  (I will be asking questions to help stimulate the discussion.)  If you would like to volunteer to do this, please see Sandy.  We will get you scheduled for the last fifteen minutes of normal class time.
  2. If you would like to participate in the preschool pals letter exchange, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to school and give to Mrs. Mandy.
  3. Please bring a copy of a family photo to hang on our board this week.  (Something you don’t mind getting back is preferred, but if you do need the picture back, let us know.)
  4. We’re looking to borrow books about kindness, families, and friendships, too.

Thanks for your help with our upcoming learning unit!

P.S.  Keep those pictures of food coming in!