Thanks for a Great Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanks so much for a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast!  What a wonderful way to kick-off the holiday.  I don’t know even where to start with the thanks, and I’m sure I’ll miss someone, but here goes… Thanks to all the parents and grandparents for bringing in such tasty dishes!  Alexis Schierloh’s grandma’s famous Italian stuffing, Maggie & Charlie Brennan’s grandma’s pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, Maggie & Charlie’s dad’s tender juicy turkeys, (6 of them!), Chase Le’s Sesame Noodles from their restaurant, Song Long, located at 1737 Section Road, 351-7631, Ani’s mom who brought in a giant amount of stuffing, (even though Ani was sick), Darby’s mom’s crunchy salad, the traditional mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, r0lls, and baked corn casserole, and of course, all the kid friendly items, tator tots, mac-n-cheese, Jell-O, were all amazing!  Also, thanks for bringing in large amounts of everything; I think we did feed an army!  A special thanks to Kelly Trush, Carolyn Rumke, Cara Hummel, and Jim Dougherty for all their help setting up for the feast.  Another big THANKS  to everyone who helped clean-up and put away tables and chairs.  As always, a giant THANKS  to the preschool staff:  Mandy Bryan, Cindy Stegman, Katrian Abplanalp, Susan Reifenberger, and Susan Hinkel who really went above and beyond with all the  work they did for the feast.  We really appreciate everyone joining together to make a memorable Thanksgiving Celebration for everyone.  We hope you have a super break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday.