Winter Break Homework for VHC and VBS classes

Starting on January 7th, we will begin our study on “neighborhoods” to go with our letter of the week, “N”.  During this week, we would like to construct a neighborhood out of recyclable items.  Over winter break, we would like you to craft some buildings, houses, etc. with your child out of cereal boxes, oatmeal containers, etc.  I’m thinking you may need to help your child cover these items with paper, and then let them draw on the “papered box”.  You could also cut out shapes for your child to attach, or put on stickers to help make the house/building.  Some ideas of things you could make include, your house, the bakery, library, Half-Day Cafe, etc.  Any place your child recognizes from the neighborhood.  Feel free to add automobiles, people, or animals to your display.  (I know we have some very creative parents and students out there.)  Please bring your constructed buildings/houses back to school our first week back in January.  We will then put all the building together to make our neighborhood!