Mrs. Sandy's Summer Adventures-Fair Oaks Farm-Indiana-In between Chicago and Indy

Dear Preschool Pals,

Today we stopped at a Dairy Farm my sister-in-law, Emily, told me about.  It is called Fair Oaks Farms.  You have lots to do if you go!  You can eat an amazing grilled cheese sandwich and get some great ice cream.  You can take a tour of the working dairy and some days you can even see a calf being born.  There is a “Mooville” especially for preschool pals.  In Mooville, there is a jumping pillow, a train ride, a “string cheese” maze, and some mini tractors you can drive.  Abe and Cal’s favorite thing was called “Cowabunga”.  You can go on this if you weigh forty pounds.  You get strapped in a harness and jump on a trampoline at the same time!  You can then do some flips in the air!  This is a great stop because it is just off the highway.

Mrs. Sandy