Arrival & Dismissal Procedures and School Security

When you arrive at preschool, you will be entering from Worthington Avenue.  When school begins at 9:15, or 12:15, Mrs. Sandy will come out through the preschool door, which is located to the left of the steps.  She will be outside until 9:30, or 12:30 at the latest and will then enter the preschool, locking the entrance and exit doors.  If you arrive late, the door at the top of the steps, by Sarah’s office, will be open.  We will then send one of the staff members out to unlock the preschool entrance door around 11:35, or 2:35.  If you arrive to the preschool and the entrance door is locked, you can do us a favor and go up through the open door at the top of the steps, and then open the preschool entrance door for us, that would be helpful.  (Sometimes, we are just not able to spare anyone to leave and go unlock the door.)  Please note that the door at the top of the steps will be locked at 1:00 P.M.  That means anyone who is attending the afternoon class and arrives later than 1:00, will need to go around to the playground area and knock on a window to have Mrs. Sandy or Mrs. Mandy let you in.  This is also the same for dismissal in the afternoon.  If the door is locked, just run around the back to get one of us.  We are hoping this will help provide a more secure preschool environment for your children.  (We are currently working on a plan to get a buzzer, or coded door that should help eventually make it a little easier to keep the preschool secure at all times.)  

After meeting Mrs. Sandy at the preschool entrance door, go down the steps and head to your child’s coat hook and mailbox.  Hang up any bags, diaper bags, and coats on your child’s hook.  (If you can label bags and coats that would be very helpful!)  Next, please take your child to try to go to the “potty” before preschool begins, even if they say they do not need to go.  After that, the Panda Bear students can be taken directly to their classroom.  The VHC and VBS classes will then proceed to the muscle room.  (We tried this drop off at camp, and it worked really well!  Also, we may be adding an attendance stop along the way; we’ll keep you posted.)  Mrs. Cindy will be around at arrival times for all classes, if you need to talk to her, or drop off any papers. (She leaves the preschool around 1:00.)  All parents should then exit through the “preschool exit door”.

When you are coming back to pick up your child, enter through the entrance door, pick-up, and exit through the exit door.  It’s like making a big circle.  Please remember to do your best to pick-up in a timely manner, especially in the afternoon, since Sandy and Mandy need to leave to pick their kids up from school.

Finally, you are more than welcome to stay and play in the muscle room, just make sure to turn out the lights and pull the outside exit door closed tight when exiting.  Also, we ask if it is time for a preschool class to use the muscle room, that you start heading out.

I know this is a lot of information, and I’m sure I have forgotten to address something.  It really runs smoothly once you get the hang of it.  Please let us know if you have any questions.