Snack Calendar for September

Dear A&HT Wyoming Preschool Parents,

Thank you all so much for providing nutritional and creative snacks for our classes! The following is the snack schedule for September.  I do my best to try to space everyone out evenly and put siblings close to each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work out very well. Also, I’m sure I may have made some mistakes.  Please let me know if something doesn’t look right, you haven’t been scheduled for a while, or you are scheduled too much. Thanks for your understanding and help to make sure that each child enjoys their special helper day. Also, remember your child can bring in a show and tell item when they are special helper. 

Panda Bears

3-Gwenyth Barnes

5-Corrin Covode

6-Riley DeWitt

10-Felix Barry-Birthday

12-Mary McClure

13-Jake Freund

17-Rees Hargis

19-Jack Woodside

20-Lydia Martinez

24-Parker Woods

26- Jake Robbins

27-Kate Meiners


Very Hungry Caterpillars

3-Fletcher Barnes

5-Charlie Brennan-Birthday

9-Paige Ernst

10-Will Gorentz

12-Sami Wehby-Birthday

16-Marty Jahnigen

17-Audrey Heitfeld

19-Mac Lenning

23-Finn McCormick

24-Will Merkle

26-Paxton Bartel-Birthday

30-Ani Dougherty-Birthday


Very Busy Spiders

3-Daniel Flagler-Birthday

5-Hudson Reifenberger

9-Evelyn Blazer

10-Jadyn Fourie

12-Maddox Fox

16-Elaine Bevington-Birthday

17-Caleb Mack

19-Tyler Marcelle

23-Anne Jolly

24-Evan Jolly

26-Alexis Schierloh

30-Lance Weaver