Weekly Round-up-November 18-December 2

Monday, the 18th –Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 19th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 21st-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 22nd-Regular class schedule, MUC bring in something shaped like a square and FEC bring in something that starts with the letter “K”.

Monday, the 25th-Regular class schedule, Thanksgiving Feast set-up-11:30-12:30, and last day for food collection.

Tuesday, the 26th-Thanksgiving Feasts-10:45-12:15-See Blog for schedule.  (No Regular Classes)

Thursday, the 27th-No School-Happy Thanksgiving!

 Friday, the 28th-No School-Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, the 2nd-Regular Class Schedule

Preschool Office News:  Please bring in $1.00, in an envelope with your child’s name on it, before December 5th for Santa’s workshop.  Also, please turn all in all outstanding tuition.  Thanks!

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(MUC)-Kindergarten Preparation class-Today we reviewed everything we learned about “Inside Autumn” and our “Journey to Plymouth Rock”.  We previewed our unit on “K is for Kindness” and did our shape study on triangles.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News: This week we wrapped up our unit on “Inside Autumn” and began our “Journey to Plymouth Rock”.  We learned about signs of fall such as colorful, falling leaves, raking leaves, acorns, Earl the squirrel, apples, scarecrows and pumpkins.  We learned lots of songs about all of these signs and read lots of books about them.  We started our journey to Plymouth Rock and learned about the Pilgrims traveling to our country.  We practiced counting by ones, twos and fives, worked on estimating and patterns.

Friday Enrichment News-Our Thanksgiving theme will continue this week.  The children made very colorful turkeys last week and this week they will make “pumpkin pie”.  This week will be letter J.  I have enjoyed seeing what each child has been bringing in for our letter of the week. Letter I seemed to be a challenge but many were quite creative.  The children have also enjoyed outside playtime and will continue to unless it rains so dress accordingly.

 Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  We are busy practicing our songs for the Thanksgiving feast.  Everyone is doing a great job.  Our letter this week has been I and we had a visit from Izzy the Iguana.  Izzy helped up with our mystery box which had an igloo inside.  For art we used real apples to stamp prints, we made beautiful leaves out of coffee filters, and we made pilgrim hats for the Thanksgiving feast.