Valentine’s Day Parties and Family Dessert/Snack Buffet Event -Thursday, February 13th

Here’s the scoop on our Valentine’s day parties:  Our Valentine’s day parties will take place during our typical school day.  Each class, Panda Bears, Very Hungry Caterpillars, and Very Busy Spiders will each  enjoy their own classroom party on Thursday, February 13th.  The Panda Bear and VHC class will end 15 minutes early, at 11:30, in order to attend the special Valentine’s Day dessert/snack buffet in the Parish Hall.  The VBS class will start 15 minutes later, at 12:30, so they can enjoy the special Valentine’s Day dessert/snack buffet in the Parish Hall.  

We would like each student to make or buy valentines to hand out to his or her preschool pals.  (Valentine’s Class list is in posted under upcoming events.)  We would also like each student to make a special Valentine’s day box to collect his, or her valentines in.  Shoeboxes, paper grocery sacks, etc. tend to work well. Foil, stickers, and doilies usually are easy items for preschoolers to use to decorate with.  You may want to even put your child’s picture and name on the outside of the “collector”.  Please keep in mind that in this case bigger is usually better.  Please place Valentine’s in a  bag separate than the collecting box.  

Something new we are adding this year is a family dessert/snack buffet that will take place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m on Thursday, the 13th.  We  are asking all families attending to bring a special Valentine’s day dessert, or snack to share with all of the preschool families.  In the morning, it would be great if you can drop off your snack/dessert in the parish hall at arrival time.  In the afternoon, feel free to drop off your boxes and Valentines in the classroom prior to the snack/dessert buffet.

All preschool pals will need an adult with them in order to attend the dessert/snack buffet.  Make sure to bring a blanket for your family to “picnic” on.

Quick reminders:  Make Valentines, a Valentine’s box and snack/dessert to share.  Bring a blanket and classes end 15 minutes early in the morning and start 15 minutes later in the afternoon.  Snack/Dessert buffet event takes place between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. with family members.  Place Valentine’s in a separate bag, not the collecting box, for preschool pals to distribute during the classroom party.