Weekly Round-up-February 24-28

Monday, the 24th-Regular class schedule

 Tuesday, the 25th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 27th-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 28th-Regular class schedule, last day to turn in Right to Read week reading logs, Mixed-up Chameleons please bring your favorite book today to share with your preschool pals and 8:45-staff meeting.

Preschool Office News: Please bring in your last tuition payment, if you haven’t done so already.  Also, please keep reading for Right to Read weeks!  The VHC class needs just 3 more pops (a total of 21 pops) to win their popcorn party!  The VBS class needs 21 pops (get ready VHS!) to win their popcorn party.  If either class gets 42 pops, we will throw in a doughnut party!

Mixed-up Chameleon/Kindergarten Preparation Class News:  Today we continued our Right to Read weeks by learning about author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.  We read “Where the Wild Things Are” and made a “Wild Thing” using colored pencils and rolled dice to see how many body parts to add to the wild thing.  We had a mini-lesson on rhyming words and focussed a lot of time on our core curriculum.  The class is peaking nicely and I had a lot of great teaching time today.  Don’t forget to bring your favorite book to class next Friday to share with the other preschool pals!

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  This week we began our author studies.  We learned read books by and learned about Dr. Seuss and Lois Ehlert.  We discussed the definition of what an author is and became authors together as we worked on writing a class book.  During our writing, we are learning that print goes from left to right, beginning writing process skills, recognizing letters, and how to use punctuation to emphasize our writing.  We also made a fish in a dish to go along with the Cat in the Hat and painted with Brussel sprouts and asparagus to go with the book “Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Ehlert.  We also worked on a class collaboration story.    Next week we will continue with “R” is for Right to Read.

Friday Enrichment News-We had some President’s Day fun today.  The boys and girls all got a lot of one on one work done.  Each of them cut, stapled, put together and wrote their name on their “Coin Collection” books.  They all enjoyed looking at each coin and making the picture magically appear in their books.  They also liked pretending to be Abe Lincoln.  Next class we will be learning about dinosaurs.  Also our letter of the week will be S.

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  (Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Kim)-  So much loving and sharing has been happening with the two’s this past month.  We will wrap up our sharing unit and will start St. Patricks Day fun and spring animal songs.  We will start learning our “Yellow Duck” and “Eight Baby Pigs” fingerplays.  Our feltboard story will be “Five Green Shamrocks” and our songs will be “We’re going to the Farm” (Farmer in the Dell), “Farm Sounds” (Wheels on the Bus), and P-I-G-G-Y (Bingo).