Weekly Round-up-March 10th-March 14th-Bike-a-thon week

Monday, the 10th-Regular class schedule and Bike-a-thon begins…

Tuesday, the 11th-Regular class schedule and Bike-a-thon

Thursday, the 13th-Regular class schedule and Bike-a-thon

Friday, the 14th-Regular class schedule and MUC class bring in a writing sample of the numbers 1-10 with your name written on it and in pencil.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation Class)-We started off our day warming up our riding legs for next week’s bike-a-thon, played a grand game of duck, duck, goose and divided into small groups to share our “season sign”.  We then participated in learning centers and made some giant flowers to display at the upcoming art show.  We ate lunch and then ended the day by enjoying the sunny day outside.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News-  This week “S” was for seasons.  We started the week off by learning about Winter, including reading “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert.  We then talked about Summer, reading the classic book “Summer” by Alice Low.   We worked on learning opposites and our rhyming skills by reading “Clark the Shark”.  We then learned about our final season, Autumn and Spring.  Finally, we practiced patterning and letter recognition.

Friday Enrichment Class with Mrs. Susan:  We ended up with some very interesting dinosaurs after our shape project.  Their favorite part was naming their dinosaurs!  You will see this project at the upcoming art show!  This week we will be talking about St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, potatoes and what lies at the end of the rainbow.  All of this week’s activities will focus on counting and number recognition.  We are also learning to spell our names.  The letter this week will be U.

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  (Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Kim)-  Next week we will start some farm themed crafts.  The kids will be getting their pigs all “muddy” and adding feathers to their little chicks.  We will start two new fingerplays next week:  “Little Chick, Little Chick” and “Little Puppy.”  We will continue with our same songs “We’re going to the Farm” (Farmer in the Dell), “Farm Sounds” (Wheels on the Bus), and P-I-G-G-Y (Bingo).