Summer Camp-Day #3-APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!

Today we learned about April Fool’s Day.  Did you know that April Fool’s day came about because it used to be New Year’s Day, but the calendar was changed to January 1st, so anyone who still celebrated New Years on April 1st, was an April Fool!  In England, people only play tricks in the morning.  It is thought to be bad luck to play them in the afternoon.  (I’m sure a teacher, or parent probably made this up. 🙂  In France, children tape paper fish to each other’s back and yell “April Fish”!  In Portugal, people throw flour at their friends.  In many countries, things are done backwards for the day, so today we ate dessert first and made cupcakes for our cooking time.  Best to be on the look out for some April Fool’s tricks coming your way.  Fletcher Rumke shared that he put eggs in his dad’s pillowcase… we can only hope they were hard-boiled. 🙂