Bathroom usage, Potty-training and Diaper changing 2014

Bathroom usage-During the preschool day, we do our best to take students to the bathroom when they need to go.  We expect students to be able to be as responsible as they can with their bathroom needs, unless they ask for help, and we will help them, unless you prefer us not to.  One adult will follow the student to the bathroom and give them as much privacy as they can, and then follow-up with a hand washing, or hand sanitizer.

Please keep in mind that some students have a habit of wanting to go to the bathroom during parts of the day that they do not love, like clean-up time, or learning time.  If possible, we will encourage these students to wait, if they can, until after these activities.  The majority of the time, they are no longer interested in going to the bathroom, because they do not want to miss out on what is going on in the classroom.  Also, we have a lot of “Crying Wolf” with the bathroom.  Some students have been know to ask to go to the bathroom up to five times per day.  We find that if they went before school, one and maybe two times during school, that is plenty of times for the limited time they are at preschool.

If a child is potty-training and they mention they need to go, we will take them immediately!  Also, please keep in mind that for some reason asking to go to the bathroom has become contagious!  Once one person asks, it seems like the whole class wants to go!  If you can please take your child to the bathroom before class, even if they say they do not need to go, that would help us from having our students miss out on learning at preschool because they are hanging out in the bathroom.  Thank you so much for help and understanding on this.  (We are hoping parents and preschool pals will participate in the “Potty Program” to help alleviate the excessive desire to go to the bathroom.)

Potty-training-If you are working on potty-training at home, please let your child’s teacher know what you are doing, so they can encourage your child in the same way. Also, you may want to pack an extra change of clothes to leave on their coat hook, just in case.  Finally, if your child has 3 or more accidents at preschool, we would ask you to send them in a pull-up for their time at school so they can enjoy the preschool experience without worrying about the bathroom.  If you are potty-training, please no onesies, or diapers.

Diaper changing-If your child is in diapers, or pull-ups, please send them to school in a clean and dry diaper/pull-up.  If your child has a bowel movement at school, we are right on it, and will change it immediately.  If your child has a bowel movement right at dismissal time, we will probably ask you to change it, since things are very hectic at dismissal.  If your child has a wet diaper, that is not a super soaker, we may not catch it at preschool, but will try!

Thanks for your understanding with these issues.  Please keep in communication with your child’s teacher, especially if you notice changes in your child’s bathroom habits.