Weekly Round-up-September 29th-October 3rd 2014

Monday, the 29th-Regular class schedule and Musik Kids class-Graciella Birthday Snack

Tuesday, the 30th-Regular class schedule and Chandler MUC birthday snack and Alexis VBS birthday snack.

Thursday, the 2nd-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 3rd-Staff meeting, Regular class schedule, Friday Enrichment please bring a picture that starts with E, Please wear Brown, bring something Brown and bring a stuffed animal for Father Eric to bless to school today Mixed-up Chameleons!

Preschool Office News:  If you haven’t done so already, please turn in your child’s medical form and tuition. Father Eric will be doing a stuffed animal blessing for the MUC class next Friday, on Brown day.  Make sure to have your MUC bring in an animal that day, as well as wearing brown, and bringing something brown.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Pre-K)-Today we learned all about the color Green!  We sang our Green song, did a color mixing experiment, participated in “Colors” by Hap Palmer with the color item the preschool pals brought today and read “Emeraldious”.  We celebrated three birthdays:  Paxton, Ani and Alexis all turning 5!  We had Ani’s kitten Butterscotch visit, reviewed the definition of a mammal and the letter “C”.   We wrapped up the letter “D” with Clifford and Dinofour books and kicked off “E” is for fire “engine”.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  “D” is for Dog, David, Donut and Dinosaur this week!  We read lots of books about Clifford, the Big Red Dog, David, “If You Give a Dog a Donut” and “Dinofours”-Dinosaurs who are in preschool!  We also worked on learning the days of the week, the pledge, weather recognition and our color of the week green.

Panda Bear News:  The 2′s had a great week.  We wrapped up our September unit this week.  We continued all of the same stories and songs from the last couple of weeks with one fun addition.  Shape Dog made his first appearance at circle time.  Shape Dog is a puppet who needs a lot of practice at his shapes.  Every week, the teachers and children try to teach Shape Dog a new shape.  He makes a lot of mistakes, but he usually finds the correct shape on the fourth try.  Thankfully, the children (with a little guidance from their teachers) are there to tell him when he is wrong or correct.  The letter this week was C.  We talked about C with the help of our cow puppet.  There was a car inside of our letter mystery box!  For art this week, we tried out some of our new stamps and rubbing plates.  We also decorated candy corn in honor of the letter C.  What a fun week!  Next week we start a whole new unit filled with Halloween fun!

Friday Enrichment News- The kids had a great time reading “Where the Wild Things Are” and then making their own wild thing.  Next, we will be moving onto our Fire Safety unit along with the letter E.  Please bring in a picture that starts with the letter E to share for our alphabet board.