VHC, VBS, and MUC News 2014-The Letter "H"

We’ve almost wrapped up our week with the letter “G”  and are looking forward to some fun learning activities with the letter “H”.  Here’s what we’re planning to do:

Monday, the 20th-Happy!  We will sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and make some grinning Jack-o-Lanterns.

Tuesday, the 21st-Hoot!

Thursday, the 23rd-Halloween!  We will continue learning about Halloween, talking about fears and how to handle them.

Friday, the 24th-House!  We will be reviewing addresses and phone numbers this day and talking about families and houses.  We will read “There’s a Nightmare In My Closet” and “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Monday, the 27th-Haunted!  Today we will make haunted houses and go for a not so spooky walk.  During the walk, we will meet Halloween friends and sing a song about each.

Tuesday, the 28th-Happy Halloween!  Today we will practice for our Halloween Party!

Thursday, the 30th-Halloween Party!

The Week of November 4th we will be beginning to learn about Fall, Thanksgiving, and Nutrition.  Our letters for the month will be I, J, and K.