Thanksgiving Family Feast News 2014-Tuesday, November 25th-10:45 A.M. -12:15 P.M.

10:45 a.m. – Arrive at preschool.  If you are a Panda Bear, drop your child off at their classroom.  If you are a VHC, or VBS, drop your child off at the muscle room.  After you have dropped your child off, head to the kitchen and drop off your food for the feast.  Next, grab some notecards to write the names of the people attending the feast on.  Then, find a table and place each notecard at a spot on the table.  Please include your child when doing this.  This will reserve your seats for the feast.  Then, head to the sanctuary for the performances.


11:00-The Panda Bear class will head to the sanctuary to sing their Thanksgiving songs.  After they are finished, each child will find their family.  If you do not have a sibling in the VHC, or VBS classes, you may head to the parish hall and start going through the feast line.

11:10- The VHC and VBS perform their songs.  After they are finished, they will find their families.  At this time, you may head to the parish hall, grab your plates and head through the feast line.

After you are finished eating, you are welcome to stay and work on some of the crafts we have available.

12:15-When it looks like everyone is finished eating, we will start cleaning up.

Happy Thanksgiving!