“W” is for Wardrobe: Flair for Fashion Weeks 2015

On Tuesday, April 7th we will be kicking off our “Flair for Fashion” weeks to go with “W” for wardrobe.  During this unit, we ask each student to wear a special item, or “Flair” on the days they attend preschool.  Each day, the learning activities will incorporate the item in some way.  The following is our “Flair” schedule!

April 7              Tuesday             Pocket day-Wear as many pockets as you can.

April 9           Thursday              Hat day-Wear your favorite hat today.

April 10            Friday                 Fancy Pants day-Wear your favorite pants.

April 13            Monday              Socks & Shoes day-Wear socks and shoes.

April 14            Tuesday              Apron day-Wear an apron today.

April 16            Thursday          Wear your spiritwear for our field trip!

April 17            Friday                Wear your sunglasses today!