Five Days to Summer Camp 2015! Important Information to help you prepare your camper for Camp!

A&HT Wyoming Preschool Summer Camp 2015-

“Wonders of the World”

Week #2-August 3, 4, 6 & 7


We are looking forward to our week of camp coming up!  The following is some important information for the upcoming week.

1.    Arrival/Dismissal-We will follow the same arrival and dismissal procedures that we did for preschool.  If at all possible, please do not enter the building until a camp leader, (probably Sandy), opens the door for you.  Also, we love having you hang out in the gathering space and playing, but there have been some complaints about preschoolers running around throwing rocks, climbing trees in the property next door, and leaving trash.  Please, please be respectful of this area, or we may not be able to use it anymore.

 2.    Lunch-Please send your camper to camp with a lunch each day.  Make sure to label the lunch with your child’s name and to include a drink.  Also, make sure to send in items that are easy for your child to open, do not spill easily, and that are easy for them to eat.  If at all possible, please leave the yogurt tubes, pudding cups, fruit cups and large drinks in containers that spill easily at home.  If you are interested, the blog site has some other ideas about what to pack in a school lunch and what not to pack.  Don’t forget to add a little “special treat” that your camper will eat after they have eaten the healthier items in their lunch.

 3.    Potty Program-We will be continuing the potty program that we used during school.  While I know this can be inconvenient, it really helps cut down on a slew of visits to use the facilities.  For the week of camp, each child who tries to use the restroom before camp in the school building, (Going at home before hand, or outside in the bushes at the school, do not count), will receive a sticker.  At the end of the week, if the camper has accumulated four stickers, they will receive a “special prize”.

4.    Potty Training-If your child is wearing diapers, or a pull-up to camp, or is having accidents lately, make sure to bring a bag with diapers, pull-ups, wipes and a change of clothes, (including shoes, unless you want them to wear the pink crocs, :) on their hook in the hallway.

5.    Sunscreen/Bug Spray-If you would like your camper to wear sunscreen, or bug spray to camp, please apply prior to coming to camp.  Camp leaders will not do the application at camp.

6.    Clothing/Shoes-Have your camper wear comfortable clothes to camp, with minimal accessories.  If possible, please leave the jewelry, headbands, hats, and watches at home.  Also, please wear close-toed shoes.

7.    Snack-We will be engaging in some “cooking projects” this week at camp, that will also double as a snack to get everyone through until lunch. Please talk to the camp leaders about any food restrictions or allergies.

8.  Talent Show-We will be having an in camp talent show on Friday for any campers who want to participate.