Weekly Round-up-January 11th-15th 2016

Monday, the 11th-Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 12th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 14th-Regular class schedule and book orders due

Friday, the 15th-Regular class schedule, Mixed-up Chameleons-Please bring in 10 small edible items in a labeled sandwich bag, separate from your child’s lunch, to eat and count today.

Preschool Office News: Please see Sandy if you would like to come in and share about your hobbies or career. We are currently collecting baby food jars for a Valentine’s Day project. If you need tuition receipts for your 2015 taxes, please let us know as soon as possible.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation Class)-Today we began our number days. We are working on one-to-one correspondence with items. We are also working on oral counting and some beginning addition and subtraction. Coming up, we will be working on writing the numbers 1-10.  Finally, we have started a “Life of Augie the Doggie” story.  Augie loves January, Sunday, bones, and drawing shapes in the snow.  Ask your preschool pal to tell you about Augie and all they learned!

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News: Happy New Year! This week we were able to get new seats on the rainbow rug, review our “How I Act” chart and introduce the letter “N for Neighborhood”. We began to learn about our Community “Neighborhood” helpers, including Fire figheters and Policeman.  We also  had a great time interacting with our preschool pals!

Friday Enrichment News: We started the New Year with the letter “M”.  For our letter page the kids got to fill it in with mini-marshmallows, we played a math game with monsters, ate Oreos to show the phases of the moon and for art we made manatees.  Our books were “A Manatee Morning” by Jim Arnosky and “If the Moon Could Talk” by Kate Banks.  Next week is the letter “N”. Just a reminder to please bring in a picture for our letter of the week!

Panda Bears: It is time for winter fun. Be on the look out for winter themed art projects. The kids played with play dough (which they love), decorated some warm mittens, and made snowfakes sparkly.  Our feltboard story is about 5 cookies that get eaten one by one by a hungry child. Our songs all revolve around snow. We are singing “I’m a Little Snowman,” “Dancing Snowflakes,” and “Sledding.” We are up to the letter M and Maddox the Mouse came for a visit.