VHC and VBS class story

During our past author studies, we talked about how all of us can authors and wrote a class story together.  See if you can figure out what part your preschool pal added!

Once upon a time, Mrs. Sandy and the preschool pals went on an adventure!  They walked into the jungle.  It started to storm!  It was really a rain forest.  We got our umbrellas out.  We saw a jaguar!  We looked behing a giant spider web and found a treasure!  There was a lion by the treasure.  The jaguar and the lion are brothers and they are standing by the treasure.  The jaguar and the lion trap us. Ninjas come and throw the lion and jaguar in jail!  The lion and the jaguar stopped the rain.  Then, everyone gets on the train.  We all play basketball on the train.  Batman and Superman come on the train.  They take us to a castle and then play with us.  Strawberry Shortcake shows up.  They all have a party.  We get in an elevator and see a unicorn with a princess. Then we go have a snack and a drink.  We go out of the elevator.  Wolverine helps us get back to the preschool.  Wolverine jumps in a sleeping bag and starts reading.  Batman and Superman fly all the preschool pals to their castle and have a fighting competition.  The lion and the jaguar come to the castle.  Superman won the fight!  Batman and Superman fly away.  Star Wars shows up…to be continued in a galaxy near you.