Summer Camp-Day #2-The Sly Fox

Today we enjoyed another fabulous day of Summer Camp!  After warming up in the muscle room, we got out the parachute for a nice round of battle ball!  The girls ended up winning this time 10-7.  The boys should have a chance to redeem themselves sometime this week.  After traveling to Storybook Land and meeting the Sly Fox, we read “The Gingerbread Boy” and “The Stinky Cheeseman” looking for the Sly Fox to appear.  We made shell prints for art, dirt cake for snack, and interacted in learning centers.  Those crazy science guys showed up again to teach us about things that sink and float. We had a scavenger hunt where the yellow team won.  Olive won our big game of hot potato with Ani as a close second.  After lunch, we went outside.  We worked on writing our class story.  Fortunately, we were able to escape the four wolves and the fox in the woods and return home safely.  Maggie received the kindness key today and passed out stamps with Charlie. We look forward to seeing everyone  in Storybook land on Thursday!