Summer Camp Day #4-The Troll

Today at camp we went to storybook land and visited none other than the dreaded troll!  Of course, we had to read “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.  We then went upstairs to the “Gym” for “Gamapalooza”.  We started by playing a game called “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.  It is a great game my dad shared with me from his days of substitute teaching.  Ask you Summer Camper to explain it to you!  We then played “Duck, Duck, Goose”, had “Relay Races”, played “Fly Away” and ended with “Battle Ball”!  The boys were able to pull out the victory this time beating the girls 10-7, after the girls made an amazing comeback from just 2 points.  For art, we made creations out of clay.  For cooking, we made indoor S’mores.  For the “Science Guys”, we did the all time favorite:  Diet Coke and Mentoes.  Family camp was amazing!  It truly brought joy to my heart to see how the campers interacted with each other.  I look forward to school starting school; this week went way too quickly!