Back to School Checklist-Please bring this stuff to your parent/child visit! (2016)

Parent/child visits will take place on Monday, August 22nd and Tuesday, August 23rd.  Make sure to check the schedule posted to see when your start time is.  The visits will take about 45 minutes. Please bring the following stuff with you.   You can find most of the forms under the “Information for Parents” section on the right side of the blog.    Any forms that are not there, we will have for you at the parent/child visits.

  1. Completed & Signed Child Medical Statement-You only need this form if you do not have a current one on file.  (Please note that in order to be considered current this form must be updated every 12 months).  THIS ONE NEEDS A DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE!  (Please make your appointments now!)  
  2. Completed Child Enrollment and Health Information Form-Please completely fill in every blank on this three page form.  If you mark yes to a food, medication, or environmental allergy, please complete the “Medical/Physical Care Plan form” and the “Request for Administration of Medication” form.  If no, you do not need to complete this section.  If you child needs an epi-pen, or benadryl, we need the prescription label on the actual item.  (Sorry, state rule.)  
  3. Completed Student Interest Inventory-In order to help us get to know your child better, we ask you to fill out this inventory about your child’s interests and environment.
  4. Completed Transportation Plan– In order to help insure your child’s safety, please completely fill out this form to the best of your knowledge.  Make sure to fill out the back side as well.
  5. Completed Parent Volunteer Inventory- If you would like to volunteer your time to help with events during the school year, we would like you to please fill out this form acknowledging your interests.
  6. Photo Release Form- This form gives A&HT Wyoming Preschool permission to publish your phone number and address in our school directory, to use photos of your child on the Ascension and Holy Trinity Church website, internet photo galleries such as Snapfish, periodicals such as Wyoming Living and newspapers, such as the Enquirer.  It also gives A&HT Wyoming Preschool permission to use photos in school materials.
  7. First Tuition Payment & Activity Fee- Please bring your first tuition payment & activity fee with you to this visit.  Your $65.00 activity fee covers your cleaning fee, A&HT Wyoming Preschool t-shirt, class picture, field trips, parties and special events expenses.  You may make checks out to A&HT Wyoming Preschool.   Mrs. Cindy will let you know your tuition amount due at your parent/child visit.
  8. Classroom Supply-In order to help stock up our classroom with frequently used items, we would like for you to donate a supply to your child’s classroom.  If possible, please bring the supply with you to your Parent-Child Orientation Visit.  (Refer to upcoming blog post for your assigned supply.)
  9. Change of Clothes-   In the case of “accidents”, spills, and water & paint catastrophes, we ask for you to gather a full change of clothes (including shoes, if you can spare them), for your child to keep at preschool for the school year.  If possible, place the items in a zip-loc bag with your child’s name on it.  Also, if your child is still wearing diapers, please keep two diapers and some wipes in your child’s school bag at all times.
  10. Summer Fun Activity-  In order to get to know each other better, we would like to hear about your summer fun!  Please recall some fun activities, vacations, or other memorable events that took place this summer and then decorate a piece of paper with photos, small souvenirs, or drawings of your summertime fun!  Don’t forget to write your name on your paper and to bring it to school during your Parent & Child Visit.  We look forward to hearing about your good times!
  11. Routine Trip Permission  – Some nice days we would like to walk the students to nearby Grove Park.  We would like to keep this permission slip on file for the school year.  Thank you!
  12. Reusable Water Bottle – We would like all preschool pals to bring a water bottle that is spill proof, easy for them to use, and labeled with their name on it, to leave at school for snack times and other times when water is needed.  Please bring to your child’s classroom during the parent/child visits.