Parent & Child Orientation Visits-Monday, August 22nd and Tuesday, August 23rd 2016-Reminder

The following is the schedule for the parent-child orientation visits.  We look forward to seeing you soon! Your start time is located at the bottom. Each visit will take about 45 minutes.  Cindy will give anyone with completed paperwork a sticker! (Forms can be found on the blog.) Please contact me if you see any mistakes.  Thanks!

Outside Welcome Stop with Sandy Rempe-Enter information for school directory.

Stop #1- Entrance stairwell/hallway-Please drop off your assigned supply and change of clothes here. (Look for signs and wagons.)

Stop #2-Preschool T-shirt sizing with Mrs. Susan by the Friday Enrichment Program room.

Stop #3-Picture taking with Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Denise in the Panda Bear room.  We will be taking  an individual photo and a parent  & child photo to post on our preschool news bulletin board.  If you are attending the Panda Bear class this year, turn in your summer fun project and water bottle here.

Stop #4-Turn in your paperwork and tuition to Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Mandy in the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider room.  If you will be attending these classes, please turn in your summer fun project and water bottle here.  Also, sign-up for Lunch with Mrs. Kim and Susan, or Friday Enrichment, if you haven’t done so already.  You also will be able to take a glimpse of our PLAYGROUND at this stop.

Stop #5-Time for your preschooler to pick out a treat!

Stop #6-End your visit with us in our preschooler’s favorite place:  The Muscle Room!  Thanks for visiting with us today, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, August 22nd

9:00-Rudy Jahnigen

9:10-Brody and Connor Boerger

9:20-Ben Babb

9:30-Felix Barry

9:40-Wyatt and Scarlett Fox

9:50-Sawyer Bartel

10:00-Daphne Ditty

10:10-Rylan Hargis

10:20-Brody and Bryce Turner

10:30-Ben Pagliaro

10:40-Emma Merkle

10:50-Emerson Metz

11:00-Abigail and Amelia Sandwall

11:10-Savannah Wittrock

11:20-Santiago Linton

11:30-Easton Caster

11:40-Bradley Steininger

11:50-Reid Remington

Noon-Ajax Wegenhart

12:10-Benjamin Wolf

Tuesday, August 23rd

9:00-Kellen McKnight

9:10-Avery Minger

9:20-Graciella Flagler

9:30-Ella Engel

9:40-Xander Dougherty

9:50-Avie Weaver

10:00-Ashton Evans

10:10-Ryan Hamilton

10:20-Levi Lawrence

10:30-Claire Gorentz

10:40-Eli Grimes

10:50-Luca Radovanovic

11:00-Alexandra Shaloub

11:10-Lauren and Mason Schlager

11:20-Shiori Sagawa

11:30-Jack Kreuzman

11:40-Jael Whalen

11:50-Adler Eagleston

Noon-Sid Nair