Valentines Party Lists

Valentine’s Day Class Lists 2017

The following is some information for our Valentine’s day parties coming up on Tuesday, February 14th.Please let me know if I have made any mistakes with the class lists. Thanks!

For our Valentine’s day parties, we are asking for each Panda Bear student to bring in twelve valentines. For these classes, we prefer if no “To” names are written on the valentines. Instead, you may write “My Friend”, etc. and then have your child sign his, or her name. Teachers are Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Denise.

For the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider classes, we would like for all of the students to write “To” names on the valentines. The following is a list of the names of the students in each class.

The  Very Hungry Caterpillars: (24 students) Ben Babb, Felix Barry, Connor Boerger, Easton Caster, Xander Dougherty, Wyatt Fox, Scarlett Fox, Claire Gorentz, Eli Grimes, Betsy Harness, Jackson Harness, Sophie Holliday, Rudy Jahnigen, Kellen McKnight, Emerson Metz, Sid Nair, Reece Obasogie, Reid Remington, Lauren Schlager, Mason Schlager, Alexandra Shalhoub, Ajax Wegenhart, Jael Whalen and Savannah Wittrock.  Teachers:  Sandy and Mandy

The Very Busy Spiders: (18 students) Arda Cabak, Ella Clark, Ashton Evans, Graciella Flagler, Etta Frey, Daphne Holland, Jingtao Huang, Jack Kreuzmann, Levi Lawrence, Santiago Linton, Avery Minger, Luka Radovanovic, Kyrie Ruter, Oliver Schoening, Brayden Sutton, Brody Turner, Bryce Turner and Ben Wolf.  Teachers:  Sandy and Mandy

FEC Class Teachers:  Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Sarah

Office Manager, Nurse, Principal, etc.,: Mrs. Cindy

Summary: Make/buy valentines for own class, place in a bag to pass out from, make a box for collecting, party for preschool pals only from 9:15-11:45 all classes on Tuesday, February 14th. Pizza/sweet treat (maybe) will be served. (Pack something if your child has food restrictions.)