Potty Program Update

A big THANKS to everyone who has been participating in the potty program.  We know that it can be a hassle, but it has cut down tremendously on the amount of trips out of the classroom, the trips to the bathroom and the parties in the bathroom.  Also, just a reminder that if your child goes consistantly at home before they come to school, they just need to go in and was their hands to get their sticker.  Technically, the State of Ohio wants all preschool pals to wash their hands before preschool to cut back on germs, which is great idea, but can be a lot with hauling siblings in, filling water bottles, dealing with lunch boxes, etc.  So even a squirt of hand sanitizer would suffice in a real pinch.  

To try to make things easier at drop off, we are still going to pass out stickers to those whose who go/try/wash at arrival, but we are going to hand out prizes during class times when it is conveinient.  We haven’t figured out the exact days yet, but be sure, we will make a big deal out of it and the preschool pals will be awarded accordingly. 🙂

Thanks again by helping us out by doing the potty program and doing your preschool morning routine.  It is so important to instill routines in children at early age.  It really makes them thrive, even though it is not very exciting or convient for us adults. 🙂