Weekly Round-up December 3rd-8th 2018

Monday-Regular classes and Santa’s Workshop for all classes!

Tuesday-Regular classes

Thursday-Regular classes

Friday-Regular classes and Top Dogs bring in a rectangle today!

Playful Bunnies News:  The bunnies learned all about the letter K this week!!! We had fun with a king puppet helping us sing the ABCs and found a king in the mystery box! We made Kings, koalas, and kangaroos in art!! We also learned son fun k songs in circle time!! Our giving tree is up in the hallway and we talked today about helping others and sharing with those who don’t have enough. If you would like, we are collecting hats, gloves, scarves, socks etc. for those in need!! Thanks!

Cool Cats News: This week was all about ladybugs, lions, lobsters, and lighthouses for “L” week. We finished up our calendar counting for the month, reviewed hearts for our shapes, and the #2. We have spent a lot of time working on table manners during snack time. The class had been doing well, however this week we have seen a significant backslide. This week we’ve had trouble with the class throwing food, showing the food in their mouths, sticking food in neighbors faces, and playing with the food in the serving dishes. We are continually reinforcing appropriate table manners at school. On a positive note, the children are doing a much better job taking care of the books in our classroom and we’ve been able to replace the board books with paper books! The children are looking forward to our Christmas countdown with our advent chain and learning new songs for the Christmas party.

Top Dogs News:  This week we learned about “Kind Kicking K”.  We introduced our kindness key, made some Christmas art, and even had a visit from Karate Kyle and Kaptain Kangaroo!  We learned about squares and began to practice for our Christmas program.