Top Dogs Top Dog of the Week-Look at the blog calendar for the schedule!

Attention all Top Dogs!  Each of our Top Dog preschool pals will be assigned two weeks out of the year to be the TOP DOG OF THE WEEK.  The week before you are the TOP DOG, you will come home with the OFFICIAL TOP DOG BAG.  This bag will ask you to fill it with a family photo, (or to e-mail me one), something for show and tell, and a favorite story for your preschool pal to  read to the class, or for me to read to the class.  Also, one of the days of the week, you may choose to send in a special treat, or “item” if you would like, for the whole Top Dog class, but this is completely optional.  In the past, some of the Top Dog’s have brought in dog shaped cookies/brownies, dog paw notepads, stampers, bracelets, etc.  The Top Dog schedule will be posted in the hallway and will be on the blog calendar.  Finally, on Friday, each Top Dog will go through an initiation to become an “Official Top Dog”.  The initiation is complete with a Top Dog song which is sung to the tune of “Carmen Ohio”, a secret handshake, a pledge, their dog ears and their photo taken.

*Please note-If your Top Dog is scheduled for a short week due to holidays, we will make sure they get a full week the second time around.