Fun and Easy Ideas for learning shapes

  1.  Gather some paper and pencils.  Start by modeling for your child.  Draw a circle.  Ask them what shape you drew.  Continue through triangle, square and rectangle.  You can also add oval, heart, star, diamond/rhombus, hexagon and octagon depending on interest and understanding of the four basic shapes.
  2. Say a shape and have your child draw the shape on the paper.
  3. Draw one large circle on a piece of paper.  Continue drawing a single shape on each separate paper.  Have you child color and cut out each shape.
  4. Use the shapes you cut out and lay them out on the floor.  Say the name of a shape.  Have your child go and stand on the shape.  To jazz it up, at some favorite music.
  5. Go outside with the sidewalk chalk.  Draw shapes all over the driveway. Say a shape and have your child stand on it.  You can also switch roles and have your child be the “caller”.
  6. Make a shape book.
  7. Make a picture only using one shape.