Ideas for Social and Emotional Development

  1.  Read together.
  2. Cook together.
  3. Teach your child how to set the table.
  4. Teach some general household chores, such as unloading the silverware from the dishwasher, feather dusting, sorting socks from the laundry and Swiffering.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be done well!
  5. Write a letter, draw a picture, or send a card to someone in your family.
  6. Role play-Play house, play school.
  7. Act it out-How to take turns.  How to share. How to speak kindly to each other.  What to do in a disagreement.  Make sure to act out the negative behavior so your child can see the difference.
  8. Bring the kindness key to your house!  Make a paper key and put it on a string.  Award the kindness key at the end of the day for the family member that was the kindest.  Pick out specific kind things and unkind things, if needed.
  9. Go outside for a family walk, or games in the backyard.
  10. Take care of and love on family pets, or stuffed animals.
  11. Make a game jar.  Write the names of favorite games on slips of paper.  Place in a jar, or cup.  Draw out a slip of paper to reveal the game of the day!
  12. Look through photo albums, or family pictures on the computer.