One important skill for preschoolers to develop is pasting.  The following is how to teach this skill:

For pasting-

  1. Start by introducing your preschooler to a glue stick and a glue bottle.  Explain how they work.  Talk about only using a “dot” of glue.  Mrs.Kim likes to say,  “Dot, dot, not a lot, don’t be a squirt”.  Also, talk about not turning the glue stick up too much, or it could break off.  (You can start with the glue stick and then progress to the glue bottle).
  2. Next, give your child a piece of paper and scissors, or a magazine.  Have them cut out random pieces from the paper, and/or pictures from the magazine.  Paste on another piece of paper, preferably construction paper.  (If your child is very good a cutting, you can print off coloring sheets.  Color, Cut and Glue!)
  3. For more pasting practice, Kumon has a book on Amazon called “My Book of Pasting”.